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Arthur Miller's "The Crucible"

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Other Works and Time Period

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Other Works

Arthur Miller's plays were widely known and was utterly successful. His first play

that became successful was All My Son's, that was first seen in 1947. The next play he

wrote was the Death of a Salesmen, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1949. Death of a

Salesman stunned audiences and had debats about the true nature of its tragedy.

Arthur Miller's All My Son's is set in the mid-west of United States around the

1940's. Joe Keller is the main character in the play. He has two sons, Larry and Chris

Keller, and is married to Kate. Larry was killed in war, and Joe was determined to see

his other son that lived be married and have a family of his own. The only problem is that

Chris wants to marry Ann who was Larry's fiancée. Kate believes that Larry is still alive

even though Larry has been dead for almos four years. It gets better, Joe Keller owned a

business that made aero parts for aeroplanes. One night the production line had made

craked cylinder heads. The manager, Steve, told Joe about the cracks and Joe told Steve

just to weld the cracks and everything would be fine. They sent out the shipment on time

and thought nothing of it. A few weeks later twenty-one aeroplanes crashed and killed all

the piolts. Joe and Steve were arrested but Joe said he knew nothing and was released

while Steve rotted in Jail. Larry found out about this and wrote to Ann, who is Steve's

daughter, saying that he was going to kill himself. A few weeks later Larry was repoted

missing. Chirs starts writing to Ann and they fall inlove. The play is when Ann comes

to the Keller's house with her brother George, and try to convince Kate that Larry is

dead so that Chris and Ann could get married. Kate doesn't want to believe that

Larry is dead and balmes Joe for crashing his plane. Joe has to support Kate

and what she believes so she wont tell every one that he knew about the cracked

cylinder heads.During the weekend, Ann and George find out the truth about

what had happend in the factory on the night of the production line. Kate start

to reveal Joe's secreat because he betrayed her and want Chris and Ann to get married.


Time Period


The play The crucible was set in the time of the Salem Witch Trials and the age of McCarthyism. At this time, women were being accused of being witches from many different people. McCarthyism is the accusation of people depending on who they are and what they represent. Sexual preferences, political standings, and all other groups were targeted and blamed for certain misdoings or even stereotyped. Timidity and seriousness flourished througout the age of McCarthyism and eventually, later on people began realizing that what they had been doing was wrong. Accusing people of wrongdoings was then realized to be more negative thatn it should have been. This correlates with the Salem Witch Trials, which sets up the entire play for Arthur Miller. Throughout the story, Miller shows how McCarthyism affects peoples lives in the time of the QUaker era, with lives ruined, minds tormented, and people killed.

Eyeguy wants to be friends

-Arthur Miller